For about 2 seconds Grace had a Black Lives Matter sign on our lawn adjacent to 16th St. It was removed, maybe to someone’s lawn, or maybe to the trash somewhere, we don’t know. But here is a biblical/theological perspective on why Black Lives Matter is important to say, post, repeat, support and practice.
Jesus tells the story of 100 sheep. 99 were safe, but one was lost. Jesus went in search for the one that was lost. His focus was on the one that needed help. Of course, the 99 were important to him, but they weren’t the one whose life was in danger.
Similarly, to say that Black Lives Matter is to say that peoples of color lives are in danger, and have been for quite some time, and deserves our focus and attention. We have work to do. It doesn’t mean that ALL lives don’t matter, of course they do. But ALL lives aren’t at a disproportionate risk of beatings, brutality, discrimination and more.
Grace is a diverse congregation in a predominantly white denomination. We lift our hearts and voices to support Black Lives Matter. We practice a wide welcome. As people of faith we are called to love God, love everybody and change lives.